12. Manfred Max-Neef on barefoot economics


Posted in 2010 on YouTube…(I wonder how big that rock was that I have evidently been sleeping under…)

Manfred Max-Neef, a Chilean economist is interviewed…here is a small transcribed snippet:

The crisis is the product of greed. Greed is the dominant value in the world today.

What are the principles to teach about how economics should be … based on five postulates and one fundamental value are:

1. the economy is to serve the people and not the people to serve the economy

2. development is about people and not about objects

3. growth is not the same as development and development does not necessarily require growth

4. no economy is possible in the absence of ecosystems services

5. the economy is a subsystem of a larger finite system, the biosphere, hence permanent growth is impossible

and the fundamental: no economic interests, under no circumstances can be about the irrelevance of life—nothing can be more important than life


Love this stuff…must learn more


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