Welcome to my blog—Chronicle of Wickedness!

This little piece of the internet is a ‘brain-space’ for me to unload and share all of the issues I am learning about and processing during my course of study on sustainability.

Why ‘Chronicle of Wickedness’? 

Chronicle because  it is my written account of issues that are important to me as I encounter them in my course.

Wickedness, because in the first weeks of study, I was introduced to the idea of a ‘wicked problem’. In this instance, wicked does not mean bad (although many issues are often confronting, difficult and have dire consequences)—it means complex and resistant to being solved.

I explain it better here:

I have spent many years roaming this planet wondering about inequities, while at the same time being part of the system that has seldom had a good hard look at itself. There are myriad issues and problems, but in the Western world at least, I think we are stuck in the miasma of consumption.

It’s time, people, to research, discuss, and question what we are doing to this lovely blue and green planet.

In fact, it is long overdue!



6 responses to “About

  • puppiesinparadise

    I just found your blog on poebts site. I was curious and wanted to check out what you are up to on your site. I find it interesting and though provoking. I will be following your blog. I am pressed for time today but I will be browsing in more detail later.

  • puppiesinparadise

    I have a suggestion. I would consider rethinking your title. It so negative. It really doesn’t give the reader what information that you have to offer. I mean no offense. I hope that you don’t take it that way.

    • sourcesuburban

      Hi…no offence taken, and I am delighted you have taken the time to come see what I am up to. I decided on ‘Chronicle of wickedness after much deliberation, and yes, it may be a little off-putting for some, but in essence, this blog is MOSTLY for me — a place for me to get down all the stuff I am studying. The fact is, there is a lot of confronting, negative stuff when you study sustainability, and it would be inappropriate to present it as being anything else. I don’t want to sugar coat anything.

      I have just updated my ABOUT page to explain why I chose the title I did…I hope it makes sense. 😀

      Again, I appreciate the feedback! I shall take some time today to have a look at what you are up to!

      • puppiesinparadise

        I am so glad that you took my suggestion positively. I have come to see that there is so much hatred, fury and negativity on the web.I was worried you would think that I was a troll on the web.

        I will check out the changes you made on your blog. I think what you are writing about is important. Especially since you give factual material for the reader to discover what is going on in our enviroment. I think the constructive discussions to find sollutions should be the goal. That people all over the world should be working together to impliment changes in their daily lives, and in the political circles to promote beneficial changes in the world not just for their indiviual countries.


      • sourcesuburban

        I cannot agree more! I have deliberately left comment boxes hidden as I did not want a free for all, but glad you took the time to comment. Lovely to meet you and I hope we get to learn a lot from each other!

      • puppiesinparadise

        It had been my pleasure to meet you as well. I am looking forward to getting to know you better.

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